Four Reasons Your Kids Will Love Dance!

Children love dancing for the same reason that many adults do as well: it’s fun, social and expressive. However, there are many additional benefits to teaching young children dance, both for the children themselves and for their parents. Here at the Daryl Jervis Dance Studio, we teach children as young as 2½ the fundamentals of tap and ballet. Once they get older there are a whole host of other dance styles to learn as well. Our expert staff have the knowledge and experience necessary to fully educate your children on whatever dancing style they favor. However, beyond the educational element we believe Daryl Jervis has a great deal more to offer. We provide a space where your kids can do more than learn. They can also have fun, meet new friends and get exercise, to name just a few of the many benefits. Read on to learn more about four key reasons your kids will love dancing with us in our studio.

  1. IMG_5697Learning a New Skill: Even if your children do not fully realize the importance of dancing now they certainly will as they get older. Dancing is a central part of a huge range of social functions, from parties to weddings to mixers. Just over the course of daily life, they will have plenty of opportunities to show off their knowledge of dance. Beyond that they may choose to continue on as a performer, working in a dance show or in a theatrical production. In this way the skills we teach at our studio can lead to not just a pastime or a hobby but a career as well. Regardless of the path they choose in life, knowledge of dancing will pay off.
  2. Getting Exercise: It can be difficult to get some children to exercise as much as they should. While some love engaging in sporting events and other such activities others may be more inclined to watching television or playing video games. However, with dance they may not even realize they are exercising at all. Dancing is so enjoyable that it’s easy to forget that you’re also getting a cardiovascular workout and strengthening muscles all over your body, to name just two of the many health benefits. Whether your children love to be active or have no interest at all, dancing will get them moving and start them on a healthier path.
  3. IMG_6311Being Social: Meeting friends at a young age can be difficult, with children often limited to their peers in school. When they enroll in a class at Daryl Jervis Dance Studio they’ll be working with a whole room of children who are approximately the same age. This will allow them to meet potential friends they might otherwise have never known and help them learn how to socialize effectively. Whether your child is gregarious or more of a loner our studio can help them connect with others who have a shared interest.
  4. Having Fun: All of the benefits above are excellent reasons to consider dance for your child, but none of them would matter if your child had no interest in dance itself. Fortunately, dancing is fun! Even if your child goes into one of our classes with no knowledge of the appeal of dance they will soon find it to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. The great thing about dance is that it exercises and educates your child, giving them skills and knowledge that will greatly benefit them later in life, but it doesn’t feel like work. Dancing will give your children an opportunity to get creative and express themselves in a safe and nurturing environment and any child, no matter what their interests might be, will be able to appreciate that.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in a dance class then contact Daryl Jervis Dance Studio today.