High Voltage Dance Company 2020 Auditions

High Voltage Dance Company will be holding 2020 auditions from June 26th – 28th.

The audition registration deadline is Friday, June 19th. To register, please follow the button at the bottom of this page.

You will be assigned a specific date and time for your audition. These times will not be assigned until all registrations are in.

Auditions for tap, ballet, jazz, lyrical/contemporary, and hip hop companies.

Ages 4.5 through 18

Four levels for auditions, however can result in multiple levels in the company. The following age groups are a guideline, please ask Miss Jen for placement if you are unsure. All current company members must audition with their current groups.

  • Level 1: Suggested Ages 4.5 – 7 (or current Amethyst)
  • Level 2: Suggested Ages 8 – 10 (or current Magenta)
  • Level 3: Suggested Ages 10 – 13 (or current Fuchsias)
  • Level 4: Suggested Ages 13 and up (or current Indigo, Orchid, Lavender)

We will send out videos of choreography by June 22nd, once the dancer is registered. The dancers will learn the audition pieces on their own BEFORE coming to audition. This will help limit the time spent at the studio.

We will set up appointment times when each registered dancer can come and audition. Each dance room will only allow a limited amount of dancers at a time. There will be designated spaces in the room with social distancing requirements in effect.

  • Parents will not be allowed in the studio, waiting room is closed for now. We will send further instructions closer to the audition dates.
  • The studio will be completely cleaned and sanitized, and we will continue to sanitize between each audition appointment.
  • All studio staff will be wearing masks.

If you are able to audition in person that would be great and we are very excited to see you!! However, if you do not feel comfortable coming into the studio yet, or have a scheduling conflict, no problem! We will also accept auditions via video. Just let us know when registering.

Audition cost is $25 per dancer. Once the dancer is registered (registration forms filled out, HVDC rules signed, payment sent), we will send the audition choreography videos and set up the appointment times.

High Voltage Dance Company Agreement for the 2020 – 2021 Dance Season

  1. Placement of all team members will be left to the discretion of the instructors.
  2. Team members must wear the designated dance attire to their classes.
  3. Every team member is expected to practice outside of scheduled class times. A team member who falls behind due to a lack of practice will be dismissed from the company.
  4. Team members are always expected to be on time. Please arrive 15 minutes early for proper preparation.
  5. Any team member with an unhealthy attitude towards their fellow team members or instructors will be given strikes or dismissed from the company.
  6. All fees must be paid by the due date.
  7. Students must receive permission from the studio director to use classrooms for rehearsal times.
  8. All team members must be enrolled in their required technique classes.
  9. Team Members are required to attend ALL lessons. If a member is absent due to some reason beyond their control, they must have a fill-in that day, and it is their responsibility to make up what they missed before returning to class.
  10. A team member who knows ahead of time that they will be absent must present a note to their instructor in advance. Also, must have a fill-in for choreography and formations.
  11. Team members who are ill or injured must present a note from a doctor or parent in order to be excused from performing in class. The student is still expected to attend class and learn by sitting and taking notes.
  12. As performances come closer, extra rehearsal times are often necessary. These are required rehearsals in which all team members must attend.
  13. STRIKES Tech Classes: If a dancer misses a technique class for any reason, it must be made up in another technique class within a one month time period. If this does happen, the dancer will receive one strike. Said strike will be removed once the tech class is made up.
  14. STRIKES Company Classes: If a dancer misses a company class for any reason, they must come to the following class knowing what they missed. If not, a strike will be given to the dancer. That dancer will need to have a fill-in to take their place in the company class (unless the teacher says otherwise) to take notes and videotape. With the internet these days, it is very easy to video and send the clips to the absent dancer. Another option is for the dancers to meet with fellow company members to review the lesson.
  15. Any absents the month prior to competition will result in a strike.
  16. If a dancer has three strikes against them (attendance or behavioral) they will be put on probation and made an alternate for the company which means they will not compete. This means that they will be pulled out of formations until the classes are made up.
  17. Parents must honor the rules of the studio. Any disrespect towards students, faculty, or the studio can result in their child’s immediate dismissal from the team and the studio.
  18. Questions, concerns, and complaints must be addressed to the office manager or studio director, not through other parents or students.
  19. Any team member not in compliance with company requirements will be dismissed from the High Voltage Dance Company.
  20. No refunds will be given if a member is dismissed.

To register to audition, click the link below. Note, by submitting the registration form, you are acknowledging that you read the High Voltage Company Dance rules outlined above.